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We service fire departments across Canada

We have all your Turnout gear needs sewn up

  • Fire fighters bunker gear cleaning and repair
  • Top quality seamstresses on staff
  • Over 175 years of sewing experience
  • Microbe shield treatment
  • Turn around time from the moment suits arrive at Sani-Gear Fire is 48 hours
  • Intertek certification of conformance for crosstech moisture barrier fabric for repairing and altering (WL Gore and Associates)
  • ISO registered 9001:2000
  • Member of NFPA
  • Exclusive right in Canada YOC strap (Drag Rescue Device)
  • Verification of compliance of major bunker gear manufacturers
  • Strictly NFPA approved materials for repairs on premises
  • 100% satisfaction of all Fire departments across Canada
  • Pride in quality control for every suit that Sani-Gear repairs
  • Guarantee on time suit returns to fire Department
  • 3M tinted outside glass windows for utmost protection for suits against UV rays
  • State of the art tracking system for history of suit maintenance

Cleaning your bunker suits is very important because:

Soiled bunker suits can expose you to toxins and carcinogens that enter the body through ingestion, inhalation, or absorption.

Soiled bunker suits typically reflect less radiant heat; exposing you to more heat from fire.

Soiled bunker suits that are impregnated with oil, grease, or hydrocarbon deposits can ignite and you could receive severe burns or injuries.

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